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    Calocybe gambosa
  • ABFG: Association of British Fungus Groups
  • AspergillusWeb Site: information on pathogenic Aspergilli
  • Below Ground Research at York [roots and mycorrhizas]
  • Book reviews: Fungi
  • British Lichen Society
  • British Society for Plant Pathology
  • CABI Bioscience, BMS Pages hosted by 
  • Fungal biology, In depth articles and some related science topics about
  • Fungal Cell Biology Group - Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh
  • Fungi in Wales
  • FungusForum
  • (A selection of links for, particularly, UK field mycologists)


  •   -Devon Fungus Group
      -Dublin Naturalist's Field Club Fungus Working Group
      -East Yorkshire Fungus Group
      -Fungus Group of South East Scotland
      -Grampian Fungus Group North East Scotland
      -Hampshire Fungus Recording Group
      -Huntingdon Fungus Group
      -London Fungi to be with
      -Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group
      -Norfolk Fungus Study Group
      -North West Fungus Group: Counties Cheshire, Clwyd, Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside; and Greater Manchester
      -Northern Ireland Fungus Group
      -Nottinghamshire Fungus Group
      -Purbeck Fungus Group: forays in woods local to Lytchett Matravers (near Bournemouth, England)
      -Reading Fungus Group
      -Scottish Mycology and Plant Pathology Club
      -South Yorkshire Biodiversity Network
      -Warwickshire Fungus Survey
      -West Weald (Sussex) Recording Group
  • HRI (Horticulture Research International)
  • IMI (now part of UKNCC)
  • IMI's Index of Fungi (go to CABI Databases)
  • Kew, Mycology at
  • Keys to British Fungi - see European keys
  • MAFF: Multi-Element Survey Of Wild Edible Fungi And Blackberries
  • Metarhizium - Insect fungal pathogen [Keith Charnley research programme, Bath]
  • Mostly Mushrooms, bridging the gap between the mushroom industry and the latest research and discoveries; includes abstracts of the latest research in mushroom science
  • PHOTOGRAPHS of fungi & lichens: R.A.Chilton; Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve (QMNR); SGM; The Virtual Field-Guide (VFG )
  • Quorn (fungal single cell protein)
  • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • UK Culture Collections (a DTI Bioguide)
  • UK Systematics Expertise and Current Research (Fungi)
  • United Kingdom National Culture Collection (UKNCC)
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  • Denmark: Red list of fungi
  • European Culture Collections' Organization (ECCO)
  • France: Agromycète (Institut National Agronomique, Paris-Grignon)
  • France: SMNF (Société Mycologique du Nord de la France)
  • Germany: Library Christian Volbracht (bibliographical desciptions of works & colored plates by great Mycologists)
  • Germany: München, Botanische Staatssammlung: Fungal Herbarium; Microfungi Exsiccati
  • Germany: Mycological Progress - a new journal of mycology
  • Germany: Tübingen: Lehrstuhl Spezielle Botanik und Mykologie; Digital Exsiccate of Fungi
  • Hungary: Mycological collection of the Hungarian Natural History Museum
  • An Italian connection that includes Italian Mycological Reviews 

  •   -common Basidiomycetes
      -Boletus : Italian; Spanish
      -Collybia Field key
      -Coprinus. Monograph, including the computer id-program DetPro.Exe.
      - CORTBASE - A nomenclatural database of corticioid fungi (Hymenomycetes)
      -European Powdery Mildews (Erysiphales)
      -Leccinum (by Roy Watling)
      -MycoKey, a synoptic key for stem and cap mushrooms from Northern Europe
      -Phallus (by Hadrianus Junius, Dutch botanist, 1564)
      -Polypores of Sweden
      -Sclerotiniaceae & Rutstroemiaceae, Nordic
      -Truffles (University of Parma; Italy)
  • Lichen Information System (University of Salzburg)
  • Lithuania: Mycology Laboratory, Institute of Botany, Vilnius
  • Mushroom Experimental Station (Horst, Netherlands) 

  •   -Belgium: Cercle de Mycologie (mainly Walloonia)
      -Danish Mycological Society
      -France: Société Mycologique de France
      -Germany: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie
      -Italy: Associazione Micologica Bresadola
      -Italy: Gruppo Micologico-Naturalistico Dopolavoro Ferroviario di Ancona [Railway Employees Afterwork Association Of Ancona]
      -Netherlands' Mycological Society
      -Spain: Asociación Micológica De Las Sierras Subbeticas (Priego de Córdoba)
      -Spain: Associació Micològica Joaquim Codina (University of Gerona)
      -Sweden: Linköpings svampklubb
      -Sweden: Puggehatten Skånes Mykologiska Förening
      -Sweden: Swedish Mycological Society
      -Switzerland: Verein für Pilzkunde St. Gallen
  • Nematophagous Fungi (Fluorescence Microscopy Study by Jensen et al., Berlin)
  • Norway: Mycology at the University of Oslo 

  •   -German Phytomedical Society
      -Societe Francaise de Phytopathologie
      -Società Italiana di Patologia Vegetale
      -Sociedade Portuguesa de Fitopatologia
  • Slovenia (Gives facts about local mushrooms as well as extensive information about the country)
  • Spain: Micoloxía do Oriente Ouresan
  • Sweden: Cantharellus Research Group (Uppsala)
  • Sweden: Uppsala University Botanical Museum (Fytoteket)
  • Switzerland: Mycorama - Centre International De Mycologie
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  • Culture Collections & Herbaria
  • Databases, Fungal 
  •   Dicty WorkBench - Dictyostelium discoideum genome annotation & analysis portal

  •   -APS Members (American Phytopathological Society)
      -ASM Members (American Society for Microbiology)
      -Directorio de Micólogos Latinoamericanos
      -Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms, Lists of scientists interested in particular genera of
      -Genealogy of North American Mycologists
      -Internet Directory For Botany: Algae - Bryophytes - Fungi
      -Microbiology Societies & Associations
      -MSA Members (Mycological Society of America)
      -Mycologists Online
      -Mycotoxin Working Group members
      -Myxomycetologists, World Directory of
      -Netscape People Finder [many North American & European postal and e-mail addresses]
      -North American Mycological Societies
      -Phycomyces , Directory of scientists with an interest in
      -PhysarumPlus Community
      -UK Systematics Expertise and Current Research (Fungi)
      -Yeast E-Mail List
  • Index to Organism Names (Covers animals, algae, bacteria, fungi, and mosses)
  • Journals and Periodicals of mycological interest [~60] 
  • Links to Societies and Associations [33]
  • As well as ...
    Medical Mycology 
    Plant Pathology 
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