Fungus Fred goes Foraying


Chapter 1. Fred decides to find out

Chapter 2. Fred finds out about funny names

Chapter 3. Fred wants to be a Fungus Detective

Chapter 4. Fred follows Mrs Brown's instructions

Chapter 5. Fred goes foraying in Badgers Wood

Chapter 6. Fred finds out more fascinating fungal facts

Chapter 7. Fred has some fungi fun for you

Fred's story and related activity sheets will make young people more aware of mushrooms and toadstools in their everyday environment: in gardens, parks, woodlands, and hedgerows.

With him they will begin to develop a scientific approach to observing and looking at mushrooms in terms of their appearance, structure, habitat, and terminology and will be stimulated to find out more for themselves about the complex role of fungi in our everyday lives as they follow in Fred's fascinating voyage of discovery.

The material can be used

INDIVIDUALLY - as an educational and recreational resource
IN A GROUP OR CLASS SETTING - directed by teachers, leaders, rangers in a classroom and/or the field.

Fungus Fred goes Foraying by Maggie Hadley
British Mycological Society, 2002: ISBN 0 9527704 66
Single copies[4.25 each] - 5.25 inc. p&p
10 for the price of 9 - 45.50 inc. p&p

Copies (25 pages each) can be ordered from:
   The Librarian
   British Mycological Society
   Joseph Banks Building
   Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
   Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AE, UK

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