British Mycological Society


Available at cost from:
The BMS Librarian, c/o The Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AE: UK.

Ainsworth (1996) Brief Biographies of British Mycologists

Ainsworth & Waterhouse (1989) British County Foray Lists

Brand, Henrici & Leonard (2001) Guide to the Literature for Identification of British Basidiomycetes

Clark (1980) Non-lichenized Discomycetes Recorded in Britain in Recent Years

Clark (1980) A Fungus Flora of Warwickshire

Demoulin & Marriott (1981) Key to the Gasteromycetes of Great Britain

Dickson & Leonard (1996) Fungi of the New Forest, a Mycota

Henderson (2000) A Checklist of the Rust Fungi of the British Isles

Holden (1982) Guide to the Literature for the Identification of British Fungi

Ing (2000) A Census Catalogue of Myxomycetes of Great Britain and Ireland, 2nd ed.

Jury & Cannon (1989) Novel Approaches to the Systematics of Fungi

Preece, T. F. (2002) A Checklist of the Downy Mildews (Peronosporaceae) of the British Isles: ISBN 0 9527704 74

Rayner (1985) Keys to the Species of Russula, 3rd ed.

Rayner & Brand (1979) A Tabulation of the Genera of Agaricales, based primarily on macroscopic characters

Richardson & Watling (1997) Keys to Fungi on Dung, 2nd ed.

Waterhouse & Brady (1982) Key to the Species of Entomophthora sensu lato

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